Creative Boxes



Offer your clients an extra special keepsake to accompany your prints. It can be fully personalised by designing the entire cover and choosing inside material.


Make a truly unique keepsake that your customers will cherish for years to come. The creative box for prints makes a perfect gift for every photography lover.


- Available sizes: 4x6’’ (10x15 cm) and 6x9’’ (15x23 cm)


- Two box depths: one able to hold from 20 to 50 prints (1,6 cm) or one up to 100 prints (3 cm).


- Add-ons - two types of USB sticks to choose from: USB 3.0 finished in matching textile and USB 2.0 finished in black leatherette.

the USB is held by matching ribbon


You can order the Creative Box via our online shop or email [email protected] to discuss your order further.

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